"Spybox have given me the ability to walk around my flat without tripping over countless 12" dance records. For which I am very grateful!" Danny Howells

The difference Spybox makes is massive you feel more organised and structured and studio construction becomes more enjoyable, us souls who love our music esp vinyl can all do with a bit of that. Educate organise!! get some, even a few first and then design and build.
Sonny in Nottingham

"The Spybox storage system has done wonders for saving space at Peppermint Jam. We now have organised chaos rather than just chaos..." From Mark at Peppermint Jam UK

"We tried loads of other storage units, but they just kept falling apart. A friend recommended Spybox and now we wouldn't store our 12's any other way." Magnum PR

'Perfect ergonomics, solid construction and a great finish!' Steve Optix

"SPYBOX has a great success within our store, they are durable, practical and meet the highest standards of DJ storage." - Dance Music Finder Superstore

"Radio 1 DJ's and production staff receive hundreds of CD's and vinyl every week and so the vinyl and CD boxes provided by Spybox have transformed the way Radio 1 work - staff can now find things much more easily, the office is tidier and the boxes look really smart stacked up together - overall a simple, yet huge transformation of a very tight office space." Radio One

"Spybox is as flexible as my collection and adapts to my working environment" - Willber Willberforce Programmes Editor - 1Xtra

"I got the boxes, thanks. They are FAB. I wish I'd got some years ago! The trouble is, now I can store my records properly I feel entirely justified in going out and buying tonnes more...bang goes my bank balance. Really good service too, Am very impressed and will be recommending you to all my record-obsessive friends" - Jen

"Spyboxes have saved not only my sanity as well as my marriage they are well constructed and fit perfectly side by side and on top of each other I could not be happier." Craig Bartlett - L'America

"Strong boxes, excellent quality. I have them in the shop as well as in my studio at home"- Pete Gawtry (Tune Inn)

"Thanks to spybox we managed to sort out our record collection, and "Lola's Theme" was created. Thanks. " Shapeshifters

"We are happy to say that all product purchased from Spybox have helped us out no end." Plastic Fantastic

"You'd have to look long and hard to find DJ furniture that's as cost effective and robust as from Spybox, a truly versatile product." Sapphires Sound & Light

"Spybox is the best way to store your records safely. The amount of vinyl we have here, we wouldn't recommend anybody else !" Matt Stuart - Label Manager - Underwater Records

WE WONT PUT OUR 12'' IN ANY OTHER BOX!!! - Azuli Records

"They totally transformed my attic into a great working space - this box rocks!" Ben - Positiva

"They're a bit like Pringles...once you have one you just want more..." Pete - Paper Recordings.

My order arrived safely and prompt as promised, and I am so pleased to have my LP collection now under control. As you no doubts get told quite often - an excellent product!!

Just to say the boxes arrived this morning in perfect order - extremely well packed. They are just the job, exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks for your help

Thank you VERY much for your prompt service and email. I look forward to receiving the latest addition to my DJ room.

Dear Spybox, thanks for the order, the boxes are great.

Boxes arrived 15 minutes ago, thank you - superb service.

My partner's anniversary present for tomorrow - they can go with the rest of his collection. He will be so chuffed.(no dinner date for me then , he'll be filing some tunes away!!)  Cheers

Just wanted to let you know my order has arrived on time. The deck riser is rock solid and looks absolutely great on top of your boxes, this setup works great for me, I am most pleased. Thanks

All the boxes arrived fine, and delivery went smoothly. Great boxes, which are now all full, so any more records and I'll need some more.  I'll keep hold of your details and spread the word around too.
Thanks for the great service .

Boxes received in good order – thank you.  They compliment our Desk which was purchased a few months ago and are very good for storage of records safely.  I have little doubt that we will be adding to them from time to time. Regards

Just received the boxes. They look perfect-here’s hoping I can restore some order to my house with them!
Thanks for sorting everything out so promptly.

I received the order today & all the boxes were fine.
I' m very satisfied with them so I am planning to order a few more
Many thanks again, I will definitely recommend your services to friends etc. Keep up the good work; we need more good businesses like yours!